A star is aligning.

Aug. 20th, 2017 09:38 pm
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Next time you are living in the time of a major astronomical event, I highly recommend playing a game of "Is this sense of doom just my life getting f'ed or the coming astronomical event?"

It's thrilling.

Which is to say, I literally have one chance (or maybe two?) to get my school expenses in order. In the spring, I didn't quite...get the grades I needed to maintain things like my financial aid. This is, in part, because I worked 8 million hours and was exhausted all the time. I also did a Mardi Gras thing that was amazing but demanding. My summer class didn't get me back on track because I made a wee mistake.

(There was an assignment. I thought it was submitted, but the wifi glitched. Since I was working a conference for 1200 people, I didn't check to make sure things went through. That little assignment was worth 15% of my grade so the highest I could make on the class was 85%...which is a B. I probably would have received a 99% on the class, had my assignment actually gone through. My outside chance of getting things fixed lies with begging my professor to change the grade based on my sob story.)

My inside chance is submitting an appeal that explains why my grades were so bad. It's not exactly a great chance, but I'm hoping that I will be approved to at least get federal loans this semester. That would help me pay my tuition and pay off what the summer cost me.

But that sense of doom? It's growing stronger. Yippee. I guess we'll see what tomorrow holds.

Last one, last step

Aug. 16th, 2017 10:26 pm
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Highlights of my day include:
  • leaving my lover in Atlanta while I am back in New Orleans for the summer.
  • having two of my knives stolen from my knife roll while it was checked baggage. (I fucking know, right?!)
  • saving myself some serious cash by switching from one insurance agency to another for my renters insurance.
  • figuring out how to get my fall grad school experience together after a really weird summer of...well, that deserves to be unpacked. But not now.

    But I'm home. My house isn't a disaster. My housemate is in good spirits and is not the Bro. I didn't spontaneously move to Atlanta. Everything will be okay. My Christmas tree might even recover from being unwatered for far too long.

    It's not all disaster and pain. Just some head-scratching weirdness.
  • Back to school on Thursday

    Aug. 15th, 2017 07:22 pm
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    I am, by some magical fluke and a few mystical moonlit nights, the apple of this lady's eye. We've spent the summer just...together. All of July, most of August, a hint of June. Nearly 2 months of going from a time-zone away to being across the room from each other most of the day. She's lovely and smitten. Today, because I felt pretty crummy, we spent a few hours sitting in the sun on the Chattahoochee River. Our last day of summer. Back to replying to emails and updating the blog and keeping up with my life instead of just being an unreachable, low-key mess. Back to...not being with her.

    A little motivation for The Intern, who just f'ing loves nature, you know? Also, my view for the afternoon. What a treat!


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