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Welcome! Welcome one and all! I am id with an S, known to many as Sid. Genderqueer? Why, yes! Happy bike rider? Quite! Queermosexual? Indeed! I do many things. I live, I love, I smile, I sad, I think, I try to take over the world..

You may have noticed that there is not much here. I've never been much of a blogger you see, and the thoughts and feelings and what not that I do think about posting I generally over think to the point that I break them. What should I post? Is this appropriate? What if x happens and then recently revived dinosaurs with kitten lasers appear to take me away? All that and much more, though if I get over it and do post something here feel free to take a peek!

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agnosticism, alternative, anime, atheism, biking, candles, cartoons, comics, distopian, drawing, fantastical, fantasty, finding clothes that fit, food, freaks, friends, geeks, humans (dislike), humans (love), in five years, instrumental, jazz, laughing, lesbian fiction, life, nalgenes, philosophy, poboys, queers, rain, riding around on my bike, rock, science fiction, scifi, singing to myself, smiles, snark, space drama/comedy, space pirates, splashdown, swimming, techno, various nonfiction, video games, weirdos, women, writing
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